Scalp Works Ink offers effective Transplant Scar treatment for men and is the preferred permanent cosmetics service center for men in the Pacific Northwest.

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Some men are scarred for life by hair transplant surgeries—literally. If you’re one of them, you’re in luck, because SMP at Scalp Works Ink is your best source for camouflaging scars and restoring your confidence.
Unsightly scars from prior surgery or Follicular Hair Transplant scars can affect how you style your hair and the way you feel about yourself.
When significant scarring does occur, a number of methods are available to reduce it. The two most effective methods are scar revision (excising or changing the direction of a scar) and camouflage (a method where hair is transplanted directly into the scar). In addition, thickened scars can be flattened with cortisone injections, depressed scars can be raised with dermal fillers, and an irregular surface can also be made smoother with dermabrasion or laser treatments.
Because scar tissue is so different from healthy skin tissue (it’s actually a hard patch your body forms as a survival mechanism after trauma), it also reacts differently to pigmentation. At Scalp Works Ink we understand the important role that melanin and collagen play in applying SMP, therefore we know exactly how to make scar tissue receive and retain pigmentation.

The techniques for fixing hair transplant scars must be tailored to the specific situation, because each hair transplant repair patient has unique challenges which influence the approach. Perhaps the most important issue is the amount of remaining donor hair reserves.

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