Scalp Works Ink offers effective Microbalding treatment for men and is the preferred permanent cosmetics service center for men in the Pacific Northwest.

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Maybe you’ve invested in eyebrow fillers, pencils, and gels to deal your blotchy and patchy brows, but you still struggle to solve this common male grooming problem. The benefits of eyebrow microblading might just be for you. This increasingly popular treatment growing amongst modern day men could give your cosmetic game and self-esteem a big boost. Patchy, uneven or even non-existent brows can be treated in as little as one two-hour session. Men’s eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent solution for men who constantly struggle with thinning or below-average brows.

The men who have microbladed their brows with Scalp Works Ink are obsessed with the results. Scalp Works Ink uses face tattooing techniques to give the illusion of full and thick brows, it is not as scary as one might think.

The procedure involves pigments being implanted under the skin of the brow with a specialist tool. Even though it is essentially a form of tattooing hairs on this area to effectively mirror the alignment and position of real follicles, microblading is not as painful as one might think and rather simply feels like small, mildly painful scratches.

Microblading is for guys who want a little fullness in their brow, whether they’re looking for a more defined shape, a bolder look, or something that looks very natural and hardly visible to the naked eye: microblading for men is here!

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